The Heritage Center


An ideal place to discover the local heritage through a traditional ecomuseum built by Villarins volunteers!
Located in the hamlet of La Pierre, in Saint Colomban des Villards, come to discover the local heritage as well as the life of yesteryear during one of the various visit of an old house.

In an old interior, beautiful costumes, embroidery, fabrics, are the admiration of visitors : close to them, you will notice the details of the clothes ; shawls, dresses, aprons, embroidery, ribbons and jewelry. A real wonder in front of so much refinement, precision on the stitches the seams and the marriage of shimmering colors.
"The church was a veritable sea of ​​shimmering colors because each woman had put on her finest clothes, and there were scarves, handkerchiefs, aprons of all shades: red, blue, green, orange, purple. Many handkerchiefs had long fringes; long ribbons embroidered with rhinestones, staples with colored beads closed the belts. "

Costumes, Wall and Legends of Savoy. Estella Canziani.
In the old stable, discover the interior of the house as it once stood. 
Many objects used in everyday life, for work, agriculture...